On 5 May 2011, a Symposium entitled “Web: Science and Industry” was hosted by the WSTNet Tsinghua-Southampton Web Science Laboratory at Shenzhen.  The aim of the Sympoisum was to build the connection between Industry and Science in the Web Science domain. The Symposium was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Shenzhen and was sponsored by Syzygy Enterprise.

The Symposium described state-of-art of Web Technologies. Several leading scholars, including Jianping Wu, Maosong Sun, Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadbolt and Jim Hendler proposed the vision of Web Science for the future.   Many important internet companies including Tencent QQ, China Telecom, ZTE were invited to present their perspectives on how to bridge science and industry in the domain.  In particular, the academic  and industrial representatives discussed the future of Web Science and how to apply advanced Web Technologies to industry. The Symposium played a key role in promoting the industrialisation of Web Science.

Presentation topics included:

We Are the Web: The Future of the Social Machine – Jim Hendler (RPI)

An Overview of Web Science Research at the Network Institute in Amsterdam – Hans Akkermans (VU University)

Research Activities of Division of Web Science and Technology at KAIST – Chin-Wan Chung (KAIST, Korea)

How the Web of Data will Change the World – Nigel Shadbolt and Hugh Glaser (University of Southampton)

ZTE’s vision on Cloud Computing – Lin Chong (ZTE)