This panel will tackle the ambitious challenge of examining the intersection of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the production of news media in an online environment.

Spotlight Panel 4


The assembled panellists represent a diverse range of perspectives, from industry to academia, and an array of professional backgrounds. The speakers on this panel will address critical questions about how tools for automation and AI impact the production of news media, how an increasing reliance on technology has affected the battle against misinformation, and how COVID-19 and shifts to alternative work arrangements has impacted news media production in this context. Panellists will also examine the specific technologies that are changing the production of news today, delving into the technical challenges facing modern newsrooms.


Chair, Matthew Weber will lead panellists, Andrea GuzmanCameron HickeyRory Cellan-Jones, and Amanda Stent to discuss the new affordances and capabilities as well as new risks and challenges that are confronting news media through the increasing levels of automation, filtering, and the use of AI in a modern Web context.

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