The COVID-19 pandemic has been met by unequal responses in different countries and led to unequal impacts to Europe, USA, Asia, and Latin America. The pandemic has made unequal internet access both within and between countries. At the same time, new opportunities also emerge and the Web changes dramatically. The purpose of this panel is to discuss the future of the Web in a post-COVID world.

– What is the current situation of the Web compared to the situation before 2020?
– What has shifted in the web area and have we reached the “new normal?”
– What data security implications on the Web should we be concerned about?


Co-Chairs, Wendy Hall and Jie Tang lead panellists, Tat-Seng Chua, James Hendler, and Xia Yin in a discussion about their individual perspectives on how COVID-19 has changed the World Wide Web and the corresponding Web of people that co-constitute its function and impact on societies around the world.

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