As the pandemic keeps influencing our everyday lives, researchers assemble valuable datasets that can help to better understand the impact COVID-19 has on society. This includes both data from the Web or other digital platforms, as well as data about Web usage and information flows. And while the current focus is naturally on understanding the immediate effects of the pandemic to improve the situation as it unfolds, we also encourage thinking about its impact on the future and asking how to remember and pass on the lessons learned. The panel features experts from different research fields to contribute their unique data and perspectives. Together we are aiming to address topics such as mobility and (dis)information, and to shed light on different national perspectives on COVID-19 responses.



Chaired by Katrin Weller, panellists Dirk BrockmannEszter HargittaiIan Milligan, and Katherine Ognyanova focus beyond the initial surge of interest to analyse data about the global pandemic to understand and control its spread to look at how wider social changes across work, leisure and government have been triggered and how various data sets from the Web (not only those directly about the pandemic) may help us to understand these changes and learn how to manage future change.

About the Video Vault Series

In partnership with the ACM we are pleased to be able to release a series of videos from the most recent Web Science Conference (ACM WebSci’21) that were previously only available to attendees of the conference.

The series will be released fortnightly and will include a selection of Keynote talks and Spotlight panel discussions.

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