Web Science Conference 2017

Web Science 2017/Charalampos Chelmis ©2017

The International ACM Web Science Conference 2017, was held this week at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA. Organised by the Rensselaer Web Science Research Center & the Tetherless World Constellation, the 4 day conference comprised 3 workshops, 3 tutorials, 8 paper presentation sessions, a hackathon, and a panel session on The Ethics of Doing Web Science Research. Keynotes included Steffen Staab speaking on The Web We Want, and Jen Golbeck on The Psychological Science of Web Harassment.

Jen Golbeck keynote at Web Science Conference 2017

Jen Golbeck keynote/J A Hendler ©2017

To get a taste of the diversity of work shown at the conference, view “Web Science Conference 2017” on Storify.

To find out more about the academic discipline of Web Science, download our brochure, “Celebrating 10 years of Web Science“.