Web Epistemology

In this episode, we talk with Richard Rogers, a professor and chair of New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. An award-winning author, he also is Director of the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI), known for the development of software tools for the study of online data. He’s interested in web epistemology — and more — and was co-chair for one of the very first Web Science conferences.

In this episode, Richard digs into “digital methods” and what that really means, as well as the software his team has built to conduct research under the DMI. He brings us into some of his newest work, like the book he’s working on called Mainstreaming the Fringe: How Misinformation Propagates in Social Media, but he also goes back to what started his path in web science. And he discusses a number of critical projects that has helped shed light on topics including issue drift and issue celebrities. To understand those terms and more, listen to this episode.