The next Brave Conversations event will take place on Friday 12th May, 2023, this time in the heart of the Eurozone in Brussels … this is the public first face to face we’ve held in a few years … 


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Brussels 2023


For this event we are working in partnership with the Digital Enlightenment Forum, a small organisation that operates in Brussels with a big agenda and some great aspirations, and a network of very interesting people Brave Conversations feels is a perfect complement to Web Science and the work of the past decade.


For this event we are going to explore the context of doing business and government in 2023 and most specifically focus this event on the Smart Human – how to stay human and have agency in an increasingly digitised world reliant on smarter and smarter machines.  People are calling for a pause in AI development in order for we humans to take a breath and think … 


We would like to ask is that a bad thing?


As we increasingly integrate digitisation and digitalisation in to our lives we gain the benefits (which are worth exploring) but there is always a cost to pay, and that cost will take time to understand.


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