We are pleased to announce that the Data Science Education Interest Group has some exciting new projects in the pipeline (including a launch event – event details and registration can be found here) and we are seeking to add to our growing membership. We are encouraging people from a diverse range of backgrounds and fields, with an interest specifically in data science education, to sign up.

The Education Interest Group is a fantastic opportunity to encourage educators at your institution to collaborate and share best practice with other educators across the UK and internationally. There will be opportunities to get involved in research projects and hear from leading experts across industry and academia in our events series and networking opportunities. Membership can also represent CPD contributing to accreditation of your educators (e.g. via Advance HE fellowship or CMALT).

Some of the Interest Group’s key talking points are as follows:

  1. How can we ensure the nation’s education and training in data science and AI continues to meet learner and workforce needs?
  2. How should we best support equality and diversity in our data science curricula?
  3. How can we best support the introduction and uptake of training in data science and AI within new disciplines and learner groups?
  4. How can data science and AI techniques be used within education and how do we ensure this is done responsibly and ethically?

If you are interested in joining this Group, please complete this form.

You can also visit the Data Science and Education Interest Group page here: Data science education | The Alan Turing Institute for more information.