MedEX 2011 Workshop

The Second International Workshop on Web Science and Information Exchange in the Medical Web (MedEX 2011)

October 28, Glasgow, UK, co-located with the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management 2011

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The amount of Social Media Data dealing with medical and health issues increased significantly in the last couple of years. Medical Social Media Data now provides a new source of information within information gain-ing contexts. Facts, experiences, opinions or information on behaviour can be found in the Medicine 2.0 and could support a broad range of applications. Health organizations monitor online news repositories and web pages for relevant data on epidemiological events. Physicians learn about the experiences of their colleagues provided through social media platforms: such as weblogs, or forums. Moreover, patients can search for information or experiences of others which can lead to patient empowerment.

This workshop is devoted to the technologies for dealing with social- and multi media for medical information gathering and exchange. This specific data and the processes of information gathering poses many chal-lenges given the increasing content on the Web and the trade off of filtering noise at the cost of losing information which is potentially relevant. These issues are compounded by their impact on both information producers and consumers in the health care community.