WSTNet Web Science Summer School (WWSSS)

The annual WSTNet Web Science Summer School provides the opportunity to gather the required knowledge and communicate with other researchers and professionals.

Organisers of the summer schools get support from an experienced Steering Committee assuring the quality of the events.

They are renowned experts in their field, with many years of experience in both teaching and research and belong to a broad global network that shapes the discipline of Web Science.

This makes WWSSS the perfect events to gather insight into the Web and connect with other researchers and professionals.

WWSSS is non-profit and participation fees are kept at a minimum to allow students from all over the world and diverse backgrounds to participate.

The mission of WSTNet Web Science Summer School (WWSSS) is to provide its participants with a base knowledge in the core subjects of Web Science. Web Science investigates the web from many disciplines

Therefore, Web Science is inherently interdisciplinary: It combines research from such diverse disciplines as computer science, social sciences, economics, or mathematics. It includes methodologies from the formal and logical to quantitative and qualitative observations and descriptions.


  • WWSSS is for researchers and professionals
  • WWSSS is intended for researchers starting out in Web Science and for professionals who wish to know more about this increasingly important topic.
  • Many topics in both science and industry require and understanding of how the Web works.
  • WWSSS aims to provide people from these areas with the necessary knowledge and expertise

Web Science Courses

To ensure the Web serves future generations, the WST promotes and supports the development of Web Science curricula at all relevant educational levels around the world.

Web Science Education

Education is of paramount importance to the Trust and we look to assist in the definition of curricula at all levels, provide support and backing of summer schools across all our Labs. Ultimately to ensure that our students and members have the right skills and tools to approach this complex task of engagement with the complex socio-technical interactions on the Web.

Current Courses in Web Science

There are a number of institutions around the world where you can study Web Science. For further information please visit the institution’s site:


Other Courses of interest

Training that will be of interest to potential Web Scientists, interdisciplinary researchers and others:

If you wish to have your institution added to this list please email

Before requesting a listing, please note that WST generally only lists direct providers of content/education rather than aggregators, resellers or other paid-for recommended services.

Thinking of running a Web Science Summer School? What you need to know

General Hosting Information
Each single edition of WWSSS is organized and run by individual institutions, which may belong to commercial, academic or public domain. Institutions wanting to host a future edition of WWSSS can answer a yearly call for proposals.
Hosting a WWSSS Edition
Hosting a WWSSS edition

The successful institution will receive whatever advice is needed from the Steering Committee to ensure the smooth and effective running of the summer school. The institution is responsible for:

– finances,
– marketing,
– web site,
– running of the Summer School,
– reporting to the WWSSS Steering Committee and
– running the call for proposals for the subsequent edition.

Once a WWSSS edition has been finished, a main organizer nominated by the hosting institution will join the Steering Committee.

Call for proposals
The selection of future hosts is based on an open competition. A Call for Proposals will be issued two years before each expected date of the Summer School. The call consists of two stages:

An expression of interest based on a one page form, based on which the steering committee invites for full proposals.

The full proposal including programme and budget.

WWSSS Steering Committee
The WWSSS Steering Committee considers all incoming bids. Evaluation criteria include the proposed Summer School hosting institution, venue, timing and location, programme, likely financial viability, and plans for organization and publicity.

Once a WWSSS edition has been finished, a main organizer nominated by the hosting institution will join the Steering Committee.

To apply to host a Web Science Summer School please send your idea to and we will send you the proposal pack

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(*) Sites where the original site/server is no longer active are linked to the WayBack machine at the Internet Archive or to related resources for the event.