The University of Oxford’s e-Research Centre leads digital research and drives innovation in technology. We connect disciplines, applications and computation to accelerate research and collaboration within the University, nationally and internationally.

The Centre provides a world-leading environment that enables collaborative research, interfacing innovative technologies across academic & commercial partnerships to address the grand challenges of today and the future.

Since its establishment in 2006 the Oxford e-Research Centre has grown to be an internationally prestigious team of over 50 multidisciplinary researchers committed to accelerating research through innovative technology.

The Centre is home to a wide portfolio of research projects in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, technology and research infrastructure development.

We are currently collaborating with over 20 research units across the University, leading a consortium of six University groups through e-Research South and building research collaborations in the USA, Australasia and Europe.

Lab Director: David de Roure

Web Sites: Oxford e-Research Centre Site