ChatGPT developer Open AI have introduced a slew of new features to their platform including faster (and cheaper!) versions of ChatGPT and DALL-E as well as a platform for building DIY AI Assistants and DIY versions of LLM apps known as GPT’s. Open AI is clearly looking to the financial success of the Apple Appstore and is setting up allowing custom GPT’s to be monetised / resold on the OpenAI platform.

These releases have been greeted with enthusiasm by some developers whilst others could see their current business offerings wiped out at a stroke by this news.

What doesn’t seem to be changing in this space is the dizzying speed of change and Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman playfully quipped that however impressed we may all be by this release it will “seem quaint” when compared to what they have in the works planned for next year.

A sober reminder reminder that those entering this space early may invest heavily in building services and features that Open AI could be giving away for free next year (next month!).

To borrow from the latin phrase Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) the businesses springing up daily around OpenAI may wish to CAVEAT MERCATOR (Merchant beware).