We are delighjted to annouce that the recently announced list of 68 2023 ACM fellows includes not one but three of our Web Science colleagues. In alphabetical order:

  • Prof. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – co-founder, WST patron and former trustee on the Web Science Trust board
  • Prof. Deborah McGuiness – Web Science Lab Director at RPI
  • Prof. Steffen Staab – current trustee of the Web Science Trust board and Web Science Lab Director at the University of Stuttgart

The ACM press release follows:

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has named 68 Fellows for transformative contributions to computing science and technology. All the 2023 inductees are longstanding ACM Members who were selected by their peers for groundbreaking innovations that have improved how we live, work, and play.

“The announcement each year that a new class of ACM Fellows has been selected is met with great excitement,” said ACM President Yannis Ioannidis. “ACM is proud to include nearly 110,000 computing professionals in our ranks and ACM Fellows represent just 1% of our entire global membership. This year’s inductees include the inventor of the World Wide Web, the “godfathers of AI, and other colleagues whose contributions have all been important building blocks in forming the digital society that shapes our modern world.

In keeping with ACM’s global reach, the 2023 Fellows represent universities, corporations, and research centers in Canada, China, Germany, India, Israel, Norway, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The contributions of the 2023 Fellows run the gamut of the computing field―including algorithm design, computer graphics, cybersecurity, energy-efficient computing, mobile computing, software analytics, and web search, to name a few.

Additional information about the 2023 ACM Fellows, as well as previously named ACM Fellows, is available through the ACM Fellows website.

Tim Berners-Lee
WWW Consortium


For inventing the World Wide Web, the first web browser, and the fundamental protocols and algorithms allowing the Web to scale

Deborah McGuinness
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For contributions to knowledge technologies including ontologies and knowledge graphs

Steffen Staab
University of Stuttgart, University of Southampton

For contributions to semantic technologies and web science, and distinguished service to the ACM community