L3S will present its research results in the field of Web Science at the CeBIT Hannover, the world’s biggest IT fair, from 06-10 March, 2012. You will find us at the Joint venture area of Innovationsland Lower Saxony in Hall 26 C 50.

This year L3S demonstrates the two projects at the Cebit 2012:

Project: VirtuRAMA

As a part of the G-Lab experimental platform, the VirtuRAMA project aims at establishing link and router virtualization as a fundamental building block for the Future Internet. Our goal is to demonstrate that the virtualization paradigm holds the potential to solving a number of significant architectural problems of today’s Internet. The VirtuRAMA router virtualization and management platform enables network providers to flexibly deploy future services. Live-migration of virtual resources facilitates management scenarios such as disruption-free system maintenance or energy conservation through consolidation.

The VirtuRAMA consortium consists of the Institute for Communications Technology (IKT) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, Tixel GmbH (TXG), LambdaNet Communications (LNC) and the Multimedia Communications Labs (KOM) at the Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Contact: Project Manager David Dietrich Dietrich@L3S.de or www.l3s.de/web/virturama


Project: Tutanota (EXIST – Existenzgründungen aus der Wissenschaft)

Tutanota is the brand new webmail system: secure, flexible and easy-to-use. The data is stored entirely encrypted on European cloud servers. To sum it up: Tutanota is your email solution of the future. Located at L3S, the project “Tutanota” is supported by a one year scholarship for founders – the EXIST Initiative – , funded by BMWi, ESF for Germany and the European Commission. The project started in September 2011.

Contacts: founder team: Arne Möhle moehle@L3S.de; Matthias Pfau pfau@L3S.de; Thomas Gutsche Gutsche@L3S.de or tutao.de/.

At CeBIT 2012, L3S will present the newest insights from this area of event-based surveillance at the research booth of the Federal State of Lower Saxony. If you like to visit the L3S-team at their booths at Cebit, please contact our project assistance Marion Wicht at wicht@L3S.de; we are glad to assit you! Looking forward to your visit!