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Dear Colleague,

I am writing to invite you to our upcoming Web Observatory Workshop (WOW) – a “hands-on” event in LA. These events are held periodically around the world and are intended to bring together practitioners from business, research and government to understand and develop the concepts around the Web Observatory.

As you may know, Web Observatories are repositories of knowledge gathered about the interaction of the Web and its users, which help us to understand new patterns of behaviour which emerge at Web scale. Consider that one tweet typically has little impact but 500 million tweets per day create a representation of global sentiment on a range of topics that is truly unique. If you already have a system of this kind (or are planning to build one) you may use some other term rather than “Observatory” but the principle remains the same.

Together with our members and partners (USC and Southampton University) the Web Science Trust will be sponsoring this event to consider the opportunities with Observatories, the status of Observatory deployments and interoperation and our particular focus this time will be around methods for efficiently storing, querying, analysing and visualising distributed data at scale and the resulting analytics across Observatories.

We are particularly keen to welcome experts and practitioners from industry in key areas such as:

* Big Data Analytics
* High performance Cloud computing
* Data warehousing
* Triple Store technologies
* Web Analytics/Visualisation

You are encouraged to work in focussed groups to address live Observatory challenges with other organisations and researchers and particularly to BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) if you have data sets that can be shared.

The LA Web Observatory Workshop (WOW) will be held on the 13th-14th March starting with a briefing and introduction to projects and continues the following day with group research and the presentation of results. The event will be held at USC and further joining instructions will be sent closer to the event.

Spaces are limited so please do RSVP by email to Jane Morgan ( to indicate if you are planning to attend. For questions about the event please contact Jane Morgan or Ramine Tinati (

We look forward to your participation.

Kind Regards,
Ian Brown for the Web Science Trust (