Campaigners are taking legal action to stop a data-sharing deal between the NHS and Palantir, a US tech company, due to worries about patient privacy. Palantir secured a £330 million contract to create a Federated Data Platform (FDP) for the NHS, aiming to improve information sharing and address a patient backlog. Concerns include granting such a critical project to a company with ties to US intelligence. Palantir will manage specific hospital data, but won’t own it, requiring NHS permission for access. Legal groups allege no legal foundation for the FDP and criticize its emergency procurement without competitive tender. Campaigners emphasize the need for parliamentary approval and proper rules for lawful handling of NHS data. If the NHS fails to prove the FDP’s legality, campaigners plan a judicial review. The NHS disputes the concerns, stating that the FDP will use legally collected existing data for direct patient care, complying with data protection regulations.