WCU is a national initiative for the future growth engines of Korea. IT industry, a core growth power, moves its center of gravity from hardware to software and academia needs to comply with it by changing its educational paradigm and more focusing on software sector. In accordance with the initiative, the division of web science and technology has been established and financially sponsored by NRF. It mainly targets to perform world-class researches and nurture high-quality human resources in IT/software area.

Web Science and Technology (WebST) is a new emerging discipline that takes the Web as its primary object of study and engineering. Exploring the interactions among the complex technical, engineering, and social aspects of the Web, our graduate-level program rests on computing technologies to build and extend the Web, engineering techniques to develop large-scale applications, and analytical methodologies for understanding its nature and impact on various aspects of human society.


Lab Director: Sung-Hyon Myaeng

Web Site: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Web Site