Democracy is under constant threat and permanent construction. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is now in the autumn of 2020 dominating how we all live our lives – and how political leaders are making decisions at the local, national and global level. As the pandemic remains a reality, and as upcoming US elections in November challenge the democratic principles, we consider it the right time to analyse the situation and draw lessons.

This tele-debate with high level speakers builds on the Digital Enlightenment Forum (DigEnlight) conference held in Nov 2019 on Democracy and Media.

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Moderator: Dr Lieve Fransen

Keynote speaker : Martin Wolf (FT): Democracy will fail if we do not think like citizens.


– Tom Gerald Daly (DEM-DEC): Democracy and COVID Worldwide: Digital Threats and Solutions
– Nuria Oliver (DataPop Alliance): Lessons learned about participation, privacy and contact tracing
– Seda F. Gürses (TU Delft): Privacy by design as Infrastructural Power
– Wieslaw Bartkowski (SWPS Univ): Towards healthy digital technology

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