Web Science Conference 2016

10 Years of Web Science Panel/Nick Bennett ©2016/ cc by-nd

10 Years of Web Science Panel/Nick Bennett ©2016/ cc by-nd

The 8th International ACM Web Science Conference, held this week in Hannover, Germany was one of the busiest in the conference’s history. Organised by the L3S Research Center, the 4 day conference comprised 3 panel sessions4 workshops5 tutorials, 6 keynotes9 paper presentation sessions, a hackathon, and an Entrepreneurship Track. To get a taste of the diversity of work shown at the conference, view “Web Science Conference 2016” on Storify.
To find out more about the academic discipline of Web Science, download our brochure, “Celebrating 10 years of Web Science“.

WSTNet Lab Directors Meet at WebSci16

WSTNet Lab Directors Meeting, Hannover, 22 May 2016.

WSTNet Lab Directors Meeting, Hannover, 22 May 2016

WSTNet Lab Directors got together at the start of the Web Science Conference this week in Hannover, Germany. Highlights of the meeting include the election of Steffen Staab as Chair and Pete Burnap as Vice-Chair, planning for this years’ Web Science Summer School at University of Koblenz (30 June to 6 July – ), and firming up of arrangements for World Wide Web Week – a global event celebrating 10 years of Web Science to be held later this year.

Who’s who in the photo (from left to right): Thanassis Tiropanis (WSI), Manfred Hauswirth (FOKUS), Steffan Staab (Institute WeST), Noshir Contractor (SONIC), Sung-Hyon Myaeng (KAIST), Les Carr (WSI), John Erickson (RPI), Susan Davies (WST), Hans Akkermans (VU Amsterdam), Dave De Roure (Oxford e-Research), Anni Rowland-Campbell (Intersticia), Pete Burnap (Cardiff University), and Wolfgang Nejdl, (L3S).