SG of the UN stark warning on AI

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has posted a warning regarding “a dystopian AI future”  and points to the upcoming UN conference: Summit of the Future. 

TikTok users being shown election disinformation claims BBC

Young voters in key election battlegrounds are being recommended fake AI-generated videos featuring party leaders, misinformation, and clips littered with abusive comments, the BBC has found.

With TikTok emerging as a new social media battleground in this election, the political parties have begun a war of memes on the app in a bid to reach its audience of young voters …

New EU AI Act

The EU’s AI Act will come into force shortly following its recent approval …

Summary of Legislative Process and Analyses of the AI Act:

Legislative Process: The AI Act, approved by the Council of the EU on May 21, is the world’s first legislation of its kind. It uses a risk-based approach to impose stricter regulations on AI systems with higher potential harm to society.

The Act aims to standardize AI rules in the EU, promoting safe, trustworthy AI while fostering investment and innovation. It excludes military, defense, and research applications.

Once signed, it will take effect twenty days after publication with a two-year implementation period.