Five years ago, the Web Science Trust (WST) was established as a UK charitable trust. Since then we have launched the WST Network of Laboratories (WSTNet) – a prestigious academic group comprising leading Web Science groups globally. We have coordinated, promoted and developed Web Science internationally through a number of high-profile activities, workshops and events, including the Web Science Conference, projects such as the Web Observatory, and the new Web Science Journal. The pace of development is accelerating as the WSTNet labs bring their leadership, expertise and enthusiasm to supplement the efforts of the WST secretariat.

Whilst this is not an organisation open to any applicant we are now considering the next phase of expansion to the WSTnet network of Labs and your institution may wish to apply for the next round of membership. In order to do so we ask that you seek a nomination from one of the existing labs.

We currently support two types of membership: academic lab and industry lab and in both cases we are looking for your institutions commitment to Web Science research principles and engagement with the Web Science community through appropriate journals and conferences.

For more information regarding fees and benefits you are encouraged to contact the admin team.

We wish to emphasize that unlike some fee-based organizations, we are not intending to make membership open to anyone willing to pay this fee. We believe having the WSTnet laboratory network only include the very top university labs in the field is crucial to the success of both WST and the WSTnet, and we are committed to maintaining that quality.

On behalf of the WST Board