The DIGITAL ENLIGHTENMENT FORUM aims to shed light on rapid technological changes and their perceived impact on society and its governance. The FORUM will stimulate debate and in doing so will take reference from the Enlightenment period, as well as from transformations and evolutions that have taken place since. It will view digital technologies and their application with an open mind so as to prevent carelessly sweeping away values. When necessary, it will help to re-instate them – albeit in novel forms that take advantage both of today’s knowledge and our unprecedented access to information.

The founding objective of the DIGITAL ENLIGHTENMENT FORUM is to provide a broad framework for debate and guidance on the topics mentioned above. The approach will be fully open to as-yet undiscovered changes.

Several issues mentioned above have been extensively elaborated on in the RISEPTIS report ( and were emphasized in the conclusions of the Conference of Leon on Trust in the Information Society (, organized jointly by the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency in February 2010.

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