Announcement for WebSci’25

During the closing ceremony of the 16th ACM WebSci conference we learned where/when the 17th conference will be held next year.

One of our newer WSTNet Labs, Rutgers University, will be our hosts next year in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the USA.

The conference will be run May 20-23 2025 and our host will be Matthew Webber, Associate Professor in the school of Communication and Information.

We look forward to seeing you all in the US next year. 

Web Science Trust selects 2024 winner of Test of Time award

The annual Web Science Trust (WST) Test of Time Award has been presented to Albert Solé Ribalta (UOC), Manlio De Domenico (UniPD), Sergio Gomez (URV), and Alex Arenas (URV), for their work titled Centrality rankings in multiplex networks”.

The authors are the third group of researchers to receive the WST Test of Time Award which was announced during the opening ceremony of the 16th ACM Web Science Conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Chair of this years conference, Steffen Staab, said:

This paper was pioneering: it made social network analysis applicable to the real-world situations in which individuals are not only involved in one, but in a multiplicity of social networks – be they about work or friendship or other relationships.

The prize-winning paper was first presented at the 2014 ACM Web Science Conference in Indiana, USA  and was selected by a WST Test of Time Award Committee chaired by Oshani Seneviratne who spoke about what had impressed the judging panel:

This paper offers a core theoretical contribution that has significantly advanced our understanding of network centrality in multi-layered contexts, particularly within the vast expanses of social media data. Its methodology addresses the challenge of quantifying influence across multiple network layers, a foundational aspect of web science that impacts higher-granularity dynamics, such as the diffusion of opinions and social changes. 

We recognise that the papers innovative approach to extending centrality concepts to multiplex networks allows for a comprehensive assessment of an entitys influence, facilitating a deeper understanding of multifaceted roles and impacts in interconnected network environments.”

Noshir Contractor, Executive Director of the Web Science Trust, who announced the winners of the award during the opening ceremony, said:

The Web Science Trust is delighted to honour this paper which highlighted early on the inherent complexities of multi-layered interactions and, with it, the need to continue to develop new approaches and techniques to tackle these complexities.”

The authors commented: We are honoured to receive this award and would like to thank the Web Science Trust for recognising our work on complex layered  relationships, and the ways this can affect measures of centrality. We are proud to say that the line of work started here has not only expanded the scope of network analysis to better reflect real-world complexities, but has also introduced tools that are now crucial in fields like economics, biology, urban and social sciences.”
















About the Web Science Trust Test of Time Award

The Web Science Trust Test of Time Award was inaugurated in 2022 and will be awarded annually to the author or authors of a paper presented at a previous Web Science Conference that has stood the test of time through continued relevance and impact. The recipients of the award will receive a monetary prize, and an engraved award.

About the ACM Web Science Conference

The Web Science Conference has been held every year since 2009 and has been an ACM conference since 2011. It is a vibrant, interdisciplinary gathering engaging not only with Web Science researchers but with related and complementary disciplines.  The series has produced over 800 publications that have been downloaded more than 300,000 times. The conference is organized each year by a local team of volunteers in different parts of the world in collaboration with the Web Science Trust. 

About the Web Science Trust

The Web Science Trust (WST) is a charity promoting the understanding of the World Wide Web through education and research in the discipline of Web Science. We engage in both academic and public outreach, and coordinate the Web Science Trust Network (WSTNet) of laboratories from around the world.