New EU report on Generative AI

Europe’s journey toward establishing regulation and asserting leadership in the realm of Generative AI took center stage at a recent event titled after the report: “Generative AI: Europe’s Quest for Regulation and Industry Leadership.” Hosted at EIT House in collaboration with AiNed on March 21, the event brought together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to delve into the complexities and implications of regulating AI systems capable of generating content autonomously.

WebSci’24 Latest News

WebSci’24 promises a rich exploration of web science through:

    • Workshops
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In addition to keynotes by Eszter Hargittai, Jie Tang, Dirk Hovy, Hannes Werthner, and Jennifer Pan, we look forward to the panel discussion, including Steffen Staab, with the theme:

“Reflecting on the Web, AI, and Society.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and immerse yourself in the diverse and enriching program that awaits you at the Web Science Conference in May 2024.

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